Ride On! Labor Day Weekend Fun on ATV Trails in Burnett County 

Labor Day Weekend Fun on ATV Trails in Burnett County 

A long Labor Day Weekend is coming up and one of the best ways to explore Burnett County from one of our many campgrounds is by ATV/UTV.  One of the great features of the 50 miles of Burnett County trails is that they are connected to neighboring Washburn, Douglas and Pine counties. A full trail map is located here. Our campgrounds like Oak Ridge and Webb Lake have direct access to these world-class trails while all of our other campgrounds are just one full throttle away. 

Trail Rules and ATV/UTV Safety 

In order to keep Burnett County a destination for ATV/UTV enthusiasts, it’s important to respect  not only the trail rules but general ATV/UTV safety. Trail rules can be found here, and below are a few simple tips to keep you safe while riding: 

  1. Right Gear 
    1. Make sure your helmet is DOT certified and oftentimes, SNELL approved. 
    2. Full-scope goggles help keep dust out of your eyes so you can focus on the road ahead. After all, the area around you is worth seeing! 
    3. Be prepared for any emergency with a toolkit and first aid kit on-hand. Cell service on the trails can sometimes be scarce. 
  2. Remember the Buddy System 
    1. Riding alone can be dangerous. Again, cell service on the trails isn’t always reliable so riding with another person or with a group of people not only keeps you safe but makes for some great memories. 
  3. Remain Sober
    1. With such an ATV/UTV friendly community, it can be easy to let rules and regulations slide. However, many hospitals in the area see a significant increase in ATV/UTV injuries – especially during the busy summer months. 

Hot Trail Spots 

For a scenic overlook of the vast and expansive forest, check out the Pine Barren Scenic Overlook at the Namekagon Barrens State Wildlife Area. Unfortunately, portions of the Gandy Dancer Trail in Burnett County are closed during the busy ATV/UTV season, however, you can still use parts of the trail to drive across the historic St. Croix Trestle Bridge. 

In addition to these, grab that trail map and find some of your own favorite hot spots this weekend! 

The best way to see the Northwoods is often by ATV/UTV. Ride along lakes, rivers and through towering pines at some of our campgrounds that have direct access to these world-class trails. With such a welcoming community of ATV/UTV enthusiasts, a lifetime of adventures starts right here at one of our many campgrounds.