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Our beautiful and well-maintained resorts and campgrounds provide a home away from home for families. With peace of mind a top priority for visitors and surrounding communities, our resorts and campgrounds are overseen by trained property managers who put safety and security first. 

We have something for all everyone at our resorts and campgrounds. Looking for relaxation every weekend? Working remote and want a change of scenery? How about good ol’ fashioned family fun without having to travel long distances? Our resorts and campgrounds have a place for you.

We strive to make our resorts and campgrounds a premier destination for individuals and families who choose to be surrounded by woods, water and the peaceful and serene northern Wisconsin lifestyle. We value the natural beauty of the area and invite our campers to enjoy what each community has to offer.

For more information about food, fun, and what makes Burnett County and Washburn County so exceptional, check out their tourism pages below. We choose resorts and campgrounds in areas that have many opportunities to offer for a wide variety of people. 


Burnett County Tourism  | Washburn County Tourism


Ready to check out our resorts and campgrounds? Check out which one is right for you and contact us today about getting started.


Our Seasonal Resorts & Campgrounds

Where your "Up North" begins

Webb Lake Resort

Webb Lake, WI

Lazy Bear Campground

Webster, WI

Oak Ridge Campground

Webb Lake, WI

Dufour's Campground

Danbury, WI

Syren RV Resort

Siren, WI

Spooner Lake Resort

Spooner, WI

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