Black Friday Camping Deals for Everyone Around the Fire

Summer may be long gone but Black Friday camping deals keep the sights and sounds of our favorite season coming all winter long. If you’re looking to score some sweet deals for your campsite, look no further! Whether it’s for your immediate camping family or a secret gift for yourself ( stays between us), we’ve got you covered with Black Friday camping deals. 

Relax in Style
50% Off Camping Chairs at REI

Feeling campy? Take these lightweight camping chairs anywhere with you. They are not only perfectly themed for summer, but they also fold and go easily so you can lounge wherever your adventures take you. 

Looking for new camping chairs that have armrests and a cup holder? Here’s another 50% off deal at 

Unwind with Class
Hydro Flask Wine Bundle 

You don’t want to risk breaking a real wine glass when good times are flowing around the campfire. Hydro Flask rarely does sales so when they do, you need to get while the gettin’s good. Check out this wine bundle for 25% off on November 24 and November 25 only. 

Rest Easy
20% off Memory Foam Mattress at Camping World

If you’re going to live the camping lifestyle, might as well do it comfortably. We all know standard beds in campers and RVs aren’t the most comfortable. Now’s the time to invest in a mattress that will give you a good night’s sleep all summer long. 

Fire it Up
Eyeballing a Pit Boss Griddle? Here’s $150 off! 

Griddle breakfast, lunch and dinner like the boss you are with a Pit Boss 4-Burner Deluxe Bundle. Side shelves make it easy to hold all of your spices and rubs while the foldable legs allow you to take your griddle skills to any site at your campground. 

Explore More
Inflatable Paddle Board with Accessories 

When camping takes you beyond your paradise in the woods and you decide to explore the area, why not try paddle boarding? An inflatable paddle board is durable and travels well – and this one from is at an incredible price of $499. Available in multiple colors with a whole host of accessories, your summer is about to be even more fun. 

‘Tis the season to dream of summer adventures. Stock up on some great Black Friday camping deals and start the season early. We certainly don’t encourage you to start a campfire inside your house, but a few beers and burgers on the grill never hurt anyone. 

Happy Holidays from All of Us at North Camp Properties

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