Looking for a Campground in 2023?

There’s a North Camp Property (and the perfect campground) for that!

Do you have a case of campground envy? Symptoms may include frequent travel to northern Wisconsin, replacing your living room furniture with camping chairs and insisting that casual Fridays in the office consist of flannel and fish fry’s. 

Treatment options aren’t limited to but include heading to your next RV show and purchasing the camper of your dreams and then finally booking a seasonal campground in the place you know and love already. Included in the cost is a guaranteed vacation every weekend from Memorial Day through Labor Day and a lifetime of memories. 

Pick your medicine wisely – you may become addicted to camping. But hey, so are we! Check out the amazing properties that we have to offer and some that are coming very soon. 

Webb Lake Resort 

Webb Lake Resort is the place to go when you work hard and play hard. Located on pristine Webb Lake, this campground offers so much more than camping. There is a heated pool, playground, pickleball court and onsite restaurant. Upper Webb Lake feels private and secluded so you and your family can enjoy your fun in the sun. 

Lazy Bear Campground

Lazy Bear Campground is anything but. We can assure you that there is plenty to do. Lazy Bear Campground has direct access to ATV trails, discounted rates at Voyager Village, a playground, a pickleball court and a community full of campers just like you who want the best of both worlds – recreation and relaxation here in the heart of the Northwoods. Lazy Bear Campground also offers overnight camping sites! 

Oak Ridge Campground

Oak Ridge Campground has something for everyone. Fuel pumps for your ATV, sandy swimming beaches for your kids and an onsite bar and restaurant for your night out. Nestled right on Webb Lake and surrounded by the best Burnett County has to offer, Oak Ridge Campground is the hot spot of campgrounds! 

Dufour’s Campground 

Dufour’s Campground has two types of camping available – seasonal sites and a 55+ year-round living community. Dufour’s is where you go for simple relaxation. There is access to the Yellow River and spacious sites are enveloped by those famous Northwoods trees. No frills, no fuss – just camping where you belong. 


North Camp Properties is hard at work bringing you and your family the very best campground experience in the Northwoods. Keep checking our website and Facebook page for more campground openings to secure your spot!


Don’t let another camping season pass you by. North Camp Properties has campgrounds across the Northwoods for every type of camper. From seasonal campgrounds to overnight sites, amenity-packed or simple and relaxing, you get to choose where your “up north” begins. 

Visit www.NorthCampProperties.com for more information and book today!