Dufour’s ATV/UTV Reference Guide

Scenic Trails

ATVing in the Northwoods is a time-honored tradition that both travelers and residents enjoy. Luckily for us, Danbury boasts some of the most scenic trails in the county, many of which run near the campground! We often get asked for information regarding where riders are allowed to go and what trails are located nearby – that’s why we’ve decided to put together a quick guide for you to easily refer to as you plan your next off-road adventure at Dufour’s Campground.

Dufours map

Take It Off-Road

Burnett County trails can be accessed from French Rd which runs East of the expansion and connects directly to Hayden Lake Rd. (right off of State Rd 35). There are signs guiding you from the Dufour’s campground expansion directly to the shower house, pool and office. We strictly enforce the 10mph rule on campground property for the safety of the riders and campers.

Not So Fast!

Dufour’s Campground is an ATV-friendly campground; however, there are some rules that we expect to be followed:

Dufour’s ATV & Motor Rules:

  1. Campers are liable for all of their personal property and should carry their own insurance policies.
  2. Speed limit of 10 mph
  3. ATVs or UTVs are allowed in campground to access county trails.
  4. ATVs or UTVs are allowed to go from point A to point B on designated trails/roads.
  5. Golf carts are allowed but drivers must be 14 years of age or older and must honor our 10 mph speed limit.
  6. Reduce dust and excessive noise
  7. No joy riding on Dufours Property without permission
  8. Drive ATV to and from site to bathroom, pool, river, or trails
  9. Respect that not everyone loves ATVs or UTVs
  10. When an issue arises please contact camp host or owners, don’t take matters into your own hands


The Burnett County trail system has its own set of rules. Be sure to check out www.burnettcounty.com for a full list of rules and regulations.

Looking For Rentals?

Danbury is home to the brand new Throttle RX ATV/UTV rental shop that features a full fleet of ten Polaris RZR XP 1000s – 4Two Seaters & 6 Four Seaters.

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