Happy Father’s Day!

Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Love to Camp

It’s Father’s Day and if you’ve got a dad in your life that doesn’t stop for bathroom breaks, has the best-seasoned steak in campsites 47-63, and can back up a fifth-wheel blindfolded, then this Father’s Day list is for you. 

Dads are something special. But camping dads open up a whole new can of spam with gifts that make his happy place even happier. For the camping dad that can’t stay away from a good campfire and an even better story, here are some ideas for Father’s Day gifts.

  1. Smokin’ Oak
    Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker
    Be the talk of your campground…in a good way! When people start smelling the sweet aroma of wood-smoked whiskey, they can’t help but stop by and see what you are up to.

  2. Because…’Merica
    Heavy Duty Stainless Steel All American Spatula
    What better way to honor this great nation than with an American flag seared into a medium-rare hunk of beef? We can’t think of any other way really. Honor pops, honor America.
  3. Kabob Like a King
    Large Kabob Grilling Baskets
    Change things up and cook up some kabobs on the grill. There are so many recipes to try that you can easily mix and match so that everyone gets their own personalized meal. Now that’s how you become the king of the campground.
  4. Kick Back and Relax
    I’d Rather Be Camping Novelty Socks
    When you want to give your dad a 100% unnecessary gift, this one will do the trick. We all know he would rather be camping; he doesn’t need to tell you with socks but let him anyway.
  5. Pump up the Jam
    No Bounds XL Bluetooth Speaker
    Waterproof, dust-proof and packed with powerful sound, this Bluetooth speaker will go with you from the campground to the water and everywhere in between.
  6. Not Your Average Chair
    NEMO Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair
    Kick back and recline like the champ you are after a long day of hauling boats and floats. This ergonomic design allows you to adjust to your ideal reclining position. Now that’s how you relax on vacation.
  7. Stay Sharp
    Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Hatchet
    For the dad that likes to take it back to basics, get him this compact but effective hatchet. Cut through brush, kindling and logs quickly with a sharp blade, optimal power-to-weight ratio and indestructible handle.
  8. Zap Goes the Mosquito
    The Executioner Pro Fly Killer/Mosquito Swatter Racket
    If there was ever an uninvited guest (or 100) to the party, it’s mosquitos. Sure you can use insect repellant and candles but nothing satisfies the soul quite like the sound of those little buggers (literally) getting zapped into obliteration. Buy two and you and your old man can make a badminton game out of it!

  9. Hold My Beer
    Shower Beer Holder
    Personal hygiene shouldn’t interfere with a cold beverage. Luckily with this shower beer holder, it doesn’t have to! Make dad’s life just a little easier with a simple, yet life-changing gift.
  10. Camping…Duh.
    Time well spent with dad is priceless because it comes from the heart. When you do something meaningful with your dad like help him empty out the black water, it means more than any gift could.

    Lazy Bear Campground in Danbury, WI now has overnight sites available and for the dad that’s looking for something long-term, check out the rest of North Camp’s seasonal properties.