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Dufour’s ATV/UTV Reference Guide

August 6, 2020

Scenic Trails ATVing in the Northwoods is a time-honored tradition that both travelers and residents enjoy. Luckily for us, Danbury boasts some of the most scenic trails in the county, many of which run near the campground! We often get asked for information regarding where riders are allowed to go and what trails are located…

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10 Family-Friendly Activities While Camping

August 3, 2020

10 Family-Friendly Activities While Camping (even if – right now – your campground is just your backyard or living room) Explore Nature What better time to get outside and start exploring than summertime in the Northwoods? A child of any age (both the young and the young at heart) can appreciate the joy of taking…

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New to Seasonal camping? Print out this checklist

June 25, 2020

Weekly RV Maintenance Tips Turn off water – If you are a weekender. When you leave turn off your water to help save the campground if you have a dripping faucet, and more importantly prevent any major damages should you spring a leak. Weather preparedness – during peak storm seasons, make sure all of your property…

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Top 10 Things Campers Forget to Pack

June 15, 2020

IT’s Finally Summer! Have no fear, camping season is here! How many times have you been out camping and then you realize that you forgot X, Y, and Z at home? I’m an over-packer and I STILL manage to forget things from time to time. That’s why I’ve assembled a shortlist of items that folks…

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Spending Time Outside While Social Distancing

April 6, 2020

YES, you CAN go for a run – or a walk, jog, or bike ride As the snow begins to melt and the temperature begins to rise, it becomes harder and harder for folks to stay off the trails during these times of social distancing. The good news is you don’t have to! If you’re…

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